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Species Ranking Documentation

This page provides PDF reports documenting our rationale for species state and global ranks. Other taxa are also listed on this page.

Oregon Threatened or Endangered Plant Field Guide

This guide provides detailed information on federally or state listed threatened and endangered species. Includes information on a species' status, description, habitat and range, along with references, technical illustrations and photographs. Created in 2002-2004 and periodically updated with information from the ORBIC database.

(Field Guide last updated on 07/15/2008.)

Threatened or Endangered Plants by Basin

Search for status, distribution, and background information for federally or state listed threatened or endangered plants by drainage basin in the state. Uses the same database as the Oregon Threatened or Endangered Plant Field Guide.

Glossary of Plant Identification Terms

Brief descriptions of some common terms used when describing plant characteristics.

Oregon Flora Project Rare Plants Guide

For more information, the Oregon Flora Project has PDFs describing over 100 rare plants found in Oregon at their OFP Rare Plants Guide.

Specific Species Locations and Distributions

To obtain specific spatial data for rare plants (or other species), you will need to make a formal data request to ORBIC. Please see the Data Requests page to contact us about the information you are interested in.

Photo of western lily (Lillium occidentale)
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