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The conservation status ranks for the following species were assigned following NatureServe's protocol on species assessment. An explanation of the methodology, a description of the factors being assessed and the spreadsheet calculator tool can be viewed and downloaded from NatureServe's Rank Calculator website. The calculator used for these evaluations was version 2.0, unless otherwise noted in the footer of the document. For a brief description of the meaning of the rank codes, see our Rare Species Ranking Definitions page.

Many of these rank documentation forms also include results from NatureServe's Climate Change Vulnerability Index calculator. Where it has been calculated, the score from the CCVI is listed in the "Climate Vulnerability" column of the table below. This rank informs the "threats" section of the Element Rank Calculator, and provides a measure of how vulnerable a species is to negative impacts from predicted climate change. See NatureServe's Climate Change Vulnerability Index page for more information, and a copy of the most recent calculator.

The element ranks assigned to the species under the Survey and Manage Assessment section of this website (completed in 2004) followed a similar protocol as the NatureServe methodology but the calculator tool had not been developed at that time. The ranks below, on this page, supercede all other ranks for a given species.

Ranks are assigned as a couplet, one for the global level and one for the state/Oregon level. If only the global ranking form is available for viewing, then the species is an Oregon endemic and the state rank and information will be the same. If only the state ranking form is available for viewing, then the species occurs outside of Oregon as well and Oregon does not have global ranking authority. The global ranks for these species therefore reflect the published values in the current Rare, Threatened, and Endangered Species of Oregon list, and global ranking authority rests with another state or with NatureServe.

As time allows more species will have their ranks documented and published here, please check back periodically for updates.

Vascular Plants
Scientific Name Common Name Global Rank State Rank Climate Vulnerability Rank Date
Arabis macdonaldiana Red Mountain rockcress G2 S1 None 2012-12-12
Astragalus applegatei Applegate's milk-vetch G1 S1 High 2012-11-16
Astragalus lemmonii Lemmon's milk-vetch G2 S1 High 2013-4-29
Astragalus mulfordiae Mulford's milk-vetch G2 S1 Moderate 2013-4-22
Astragalus peckii Peck's milk-vetch G3 S3   2010-5-28
Astragalus tegetarioides Bastard kentrophyta G3 S3   2010-5-31
Bensoniella oregana Bensonia G3 S3   2010-6-18
Botrychium paradoxum Peculiar moonwort G3G4 S1 Moderate 2013-1-29
Botrychium pumicola Pumice grape-fern G3 S3   2010-6-21
Calochortus coxii Cox's mariposa-lily G1 S1 Moderate 2012-11-16
Calochortus greenei Greene's mariposa-lily G3 S3   2010-6-23
Calochortus howellii Howell's mariposa-lily G3 S3   2010-6-25
Calochortus longebarbatus var. peckii Peck's mariposa-lily T3   2010-6-28
Calochortus persistens Siskiyou mariposa lily G2 S1 None 2013-3-29
Carex tiogana Tioga pass sedge G1 S1 Extreme 2012-11-15
Castilleja chlorotica Green-tinged paintbrush G3? S3?   2010-8-1
Castilleja levisecta Golden paintbrush G1 SX   2012-11-15
Castilleja oresbia Pale Wallowa indian-paintbrush G3 S2S3 None 2013-4-10
Collomia mazama Mt. Mazama collomia G4 S4   2010-6-20
Collomia renacta Barren valley collomia G1 S1 None 2012-11-9
Corydalis aquae-gelidae Cold-water corydalis G3 S3   2010-7-10
Epilobium oreganum Oregon willow-herb G2 S2 None 2013-3-25
Erigeron oreganus Oregon daisy G3 S3   2010-7-2
Erigeron stansellii G1 S1   2012-10-4
Eriogonum calcareum None G5 S2S3   2012-10-4
Eriogonum chrysops Golden Buckwheat G2 S2   2012-11-19
Eriogonum crosbyae var. mystrium Pueblo Mountains buckwheat G2 S2   2012-10-10
Eriogonum villosissimum Acker Rock wild buckwheat G1 S1   2012-1-16
Erythronium howellii Howell's adder's-tongue G3 S3   2010-7-7
Eucephalus gormanii Gorman's aster G3 S3   2010-7-9
Eucephalus vialis Wayside aster G3 S3   2010-7-9
Frasera umpquaensis Umpqua swertia G3 S3   2009-10-12
Fritillaria gentneri Gentner's fritillaria G1 S1 None 2012-11-8
Gilia millefoliata Seaside gilia G2 S1 High 2013-3-6
Hackelia cronquistii Cronquist's stickseed G3 S3   2010-7-12
Ivesia rhypara var. rhypara Grimy ivesia G2T2 S1 High 2013-4-9
Ivesia rhypara var. shellyi Shelly's ivesia G1G2T1T2 S1S2 High 2013-4-11
Kalmiopsis fragrans North Umpqua kalmiopsis G2 S2 Moderate 2012-11-1
Lilium occidentale Western lily G1 S1 High 2012-10-16
Lomatium bentonitum none G1 S1   2012-10-4
Lomatium cookii Cook's Desert-parsley G1 S1 High 2012-10-22
Lomatium erythrocarpum Red-fruited Lomatium G1G2 S1S2 Extreme 2012-9-20
Lomatium ochocense Ochoco Desert-parsley G2 S2 None 2012-9-12
Luina serpentina Colonial luina G3 S3   2010-7-31
Lupinus lepidus var. cusickii Cusick's lupine G1 T1 High 2010-10-15
Mimulus hymenophyllus Membrane-leaf monkeyflower G2 S1S2 Extreme 2012-8-24
Mimulus patulus Stem-leaved monkeyflower G3Q S2S3 High 2013-4-8
Mirabilis macfarlanei Macfarlane's four-o'clock G2 S1 Moderate 2013-1-29
Oenothera wolfii Wolf's evening-primrose G1 S1 High 2012-8-21
Penstemon glaucinus Blue-leaved penstemon G3 S3   2010-7-14
Penstemon peckii Peck's penstemon G3 S3   2010-7-14
Perideridia erythrorhiza Red-root Yampah G2 S2 None 2012-9-6
Phacelia inundata Playa phacelia G2 S2 High 2013-2-28
Phacelia leonis Siskiyou phacelia G2 S1 Moderate 2013-2-28
Plagiobothrys hirtus Rough popcorn flower G1 S1 Extreme 2012-9-4
Pleuropogon oregonus Oregon Semaphore Grass G1 S1 Extreme 2012-8-22
Pyrrocoma radiata Snake River goldenweed G3 S3   2010-7-26
Pyrrocoma scaberula Rough pyrrocoma G3 S3   2010-7-20
Ranunculus triternatus Obscure Buttercup G2 S1 None 2012-12-7
Romanzoffia thompsonii Thompson mistmaiden G4 S4   2010-7-29
Rubus bartonianus Bartonberry G2 S2 High 2012-12-5
Sedum moranii Rogue River Stonecrop G2 S2 None 2012-11-20
Silene spaldingii Spalding's catchfly G2 S2 High 2013-2-20
Sisyrinchium hitchcockii Hitchcock's blue-eyed grass G2 S1 Moderate 2013-2-19
Sisyrinchium sarmentosum Pale blue-eyed grass G1 S1 Moderate 2012-8-23
Stanleya confertiflora Biennial stanleya G2 S2 None 2012-10-3
Stephanomeria malheurensis Malheur wire-lettuce G1 S1 High 2012-8-27
Tauschia howellii Howell's tauschia G2 S1 Moderate 2014-7-23
Thelypodium howellii ssp. spectabilis Howell's spectacular thelypody G2 T1S1 High 2013-2-14
Trifolium douglasii Douglas's clover G2 S2 Moderate 2013-2-11
Trifolium leibergii Leiberg's clover G2 S2 None 2013-1-30
Trifolium owyheense Owyhee clover G2 S2 High 2013-5-1
Nonvascular Plants and Fungi
Scientific Name Common Name Global Rank State Rank   Rank Date
Albatrellus skamanius Fungus GU S1   2009-9-21
Alpova olivaceotinctus Fungus G3 S1   2010-5-31
Amanita armillariiformis Fungus G3 S2   2010-6-1
Amogaster viridigleba Fungus G1 S1   2010-6-1
Arcangeliella crassa Fungus G3 S2   2010-6-1
Arcangeliella lactarioides Fungus G3 S1   2010-6-1
Arrhenia lobata Fungus G5 S1   2010-6-3
Balsamia alba Fungus G3 S2   2010-6-3
Balsamia platyspora Fungus G3 S1   2010-6-4
Bridgeoporus nobilissimus Giant polypore fungus G3 S3   2010-6-2
Cazia flexiascus Fungus G2 S1   2010-6-4
Conocybe subnuda Fungus G4? S1   2010-6-4
Dendrocollybia racemosa Fungus G4 S3?   2010-6-3
Elaphomyces decipiens Fungus G3 S3   2010-6-4
Elaphomyces subviscidus Fungus G2G3 S1S2   2010-6-4
Endogone oregonensis Fungus G2 S2   2010-6-9
Galerina fuscobrunnea Fungus G1 S1   2010-6-9
Genea compacta Fungus G2 S1   2010-10-4
Glomus pubescens Fungus G3 S1   2010-10-6
Gymnomyces monosporus Fungus G1 S1   2010-10-6
Hebeloma occidentale Fungus G1 S1   2010-10-6
Hebeloma oregonense Fungus G1 S1   2010-10-11
Hebeloma parcivelum Fungus G1 S1   2010-10-10
Hebeloma pungens Fungus G1 S1   2010-10-10
Hemimycena pseudocrispula Fungus G3 S1   2010-10-10
Hygrophorus albicarneus Fungus G1 S1   2010-10-11
Hygrophorus albiflavus Fungus G1 S1   2010-10-11
Leptonia violaceonigra Fungus G2 S1   2010-8-25
Martellia medlockii Fungus G1 S1   2010-6-14
Mycena gaultheri Fungus G1 S1   2010-6-14
Nolanea verna var. isodiametrica Fungus T3 S1   2010-6-15
Octaviania cyanescens Fungus G1 S1   2010-5-31
Omphalina isabellina Fungus G1 S1   2010-6-15
Phaeocollybia dissiliens Fungus G3 S3   2010-6-15
Phaeocollybia lilacifolia Fungus G3 S2S3   2010-6-15
Radiigera bushnellii Fungus G1 S1   2010-6-16
Ramaria coulterae Fungus G3 S2   2010-6-16
Ramaria rubribrunnescens Fungus G2 S2   2010-6-16
Rhizopogon abietis Fungus G3 S2   2010-8-4
Rhizopogon atroviolaceus Fungus G2 S2   2010-8-6
Rhizopogon bacillisporus Fungus G4 S3   2010-8-6
Rhizopogon brunneiniger Fungus G3 S2   2010-8-6
Rhizopogon clavitisporus Fungus G3 S3   2010-8-9
Rhizopogon flavofibrillosus Fungus G3 S2   2010-8-10
Rhizopogon rogersii Fungus G3 S3   2010-8-10
Rhizopogon semireticulatus Fungus G3 S3   2010-8-11
Rhizopogon semitectus Fungus G2 S1   2010-8-11
Rhizopogon subcinnamomeus Fungus G2 S1   2010-8-11
Rhizopogon subclavitisporus Fungus G2 S2   2010-8-12
Rhizopogon subpurpurascens Fungus G3 S2S3   2010-8-16
Rhizopogon variabilisporus Fungus G2 S1   2010-8-16
Sclerotinia veratri Fungus G3G4 S1   2010-8-17
Squamanita paradoxa Fungus G3 SH   2010-8-17
Stephensia bynumii Fungus G1 S1   2010-8-17
Scientific Name Common Name Global Rank State Rank   Rank Date
Accipiter cooperi Cooper's Hawk G5 S4   2012-09-27
Accipiter gentilis Northern Goshawk G5 S3S4   2013-4-10
Anaxyrus boreas Boreal Toad G4 S4   2013-6-20
Aneides ferreus Clouded Salamander G3G4 S3S4   2013-5-9
Aneides flavipunctatus Speckled Black Salamander G4 S2   2013-5-13
Anthus rubescens American Pipit G5 S4   2013-3-4
Aquila chrysaetos Golden Eagle G5 S3   2013-4-11
Arborimus longicaudus Red Tree Vole G3G4 S3   2013-5-6
Asio flemmeus Short-eared Owl G5 S3   2013-4-12
Baeolophous inornatus Oak Titmouse G5 S3S4   2012-3-14
Baeolophus ridgwayi Juniper Titmouse G5 S3  


Batrachoseps attenuatus California Slender Salamander G5 S3   2013-6-13
Batrachoseps wrighti Oregon slender salamander G3 S3   2010-2-21
Butorides viriscens Green Heron G5 S4   2012-3-14
Charadrius nivosus nivosus Western Snowy Plover G3T3 S2   2013-4-30
Circus cyaneus Northern Harrier G5 S3   2012-10-19
Contopus cooperi Olive-sided Flycatcher G4 S3   2012-10-1
Dendragapus obscurus Dusky Grouse G4 S3   2012-10-5
Empidonax traillii adastus Willow Flycatcher G5T5 S3B   2013-4-19
Empidonax traillii brewsteri Little Willow Flycatcher G5T3T4 S3B   2013-4-19
Entosphenus minimus Miller Lake Lamprey G3 S2   2013-1-3
Entosphenus tridentatus Pacific Lamprey G4 S2   2012-2-21
Fratercula cirrhata Tufted puffin G5 S1   2010-4-16
Lampropeltis getula Common kingsnake G5 S3   2010-4-21
Lampropeltis zonata California mountain kingsnake G4G5 S3S4   2010-6-17
Lanius ludovicianus Loggerhead Shrike G4 S3   2012-10-5
Lasionycteris noctivigans Silver-haired Bat G5 S3S4   2013-5-6
Masticophis taeniatus Striped whipsnake G5 S3S4   2010-7-8
Melanerpes lewis Lewis' Woodpecker G4 S2B,S2?N   2013-4-22
Myotis lucifugus Little Brown Myotis G3 S3   2013-5-8
Ochotona princeps American Pika G5 S3?   2012-3-6
Oncorhynchus clarkii lewisi Westslope cutthroat trout G4T4 S2   2014-10-15
Oncorhynchus mykiss gairdneri Inland Columbia Basin redband trout G5T4 S2S3   2014-8-26
Oregonichthys crameri Oregon Chub G3 S3   2013-7-1
Oreortyx pictus Mountain Quail G5 S3S4   2013-4-22
Oreoscoptes montanus Sage Thrasher G5 S3S4   2013-6-20
Phrynosoma hernandesi Short-horned Lizard G5 S3   2013-7-25
Picoides albolarvatus White-headed Woodpecker G4 S2   2014-10-15
Plethodon elongatus Del Norte Salamander G4 S4   2013-6-20
Rana cascadae Cascades Frog G3G4 S3S4   2013-6-20
Regulus satrapa Golden-crowned Kinglet G5 S3   2013-6-20
Spizella breweri Brewer's Sparrow G5 S3   2013-6-20
Vireo olivaceus Red-eyed Vireo G5 S3S4B   2013-3-14
Vulpes vulpes necator Sierra Nevada Red Fox G5T1T2 S1   2013-5-8
Scientific Name Common Name Global Rank State Rank   Rank Date
Acupalpus punctulatus Marsh ground beetle G2? S2   2010-7-8
Andrena winnemuccana A miner bee G2? S2?   2013-6-14
Atrazonotus umbrosus Umbrose seed bug G3? G3?   2013-7-10
Bombus occidentalis Western bumblebee GU S1S2   2010-8-9
Carinacauda stormi Cascades axe-tail slug G2G3 S2   2011-2-11
Cicindela hirticollis couleensis Hairy-necked tiger beetle G5T3 S2S3   2010-9-8
Cicindela hirticollis siuslawensis Siuslaw hairy-necked tiger beetle G5T1T2 S2S3   2013-6-14
Colias christina pseudochristina Intermountain sulphur G3G4T2T4 S2   2010-7-14
Colias christina sullivanti Sullivan's sulphur G5T2T3 S2   2012-1-10
Colligyrus sp. 4 Columbia duskysnail G2 S2   2011-10-7
Criocoris saliens Salien plant bug G2? S2?   2013-7-10
Cryptomastix devia Puget oregonian G3 S1   2011-10-6
Cryptomastix hendersoni Columbia Gorge oregonian G1G2 S1S2   2011-10-7
Deroceras hesperium Evening fieldslug G2 S2   2011-10-21
Dumontia oregonensis A water flea G1G3 S1   2010-10-28
Erpetogomphus compositus White-belted ringtail G5 S3   2010-9-2
Farula constricta A Farulan caddisfly G1 S1   2010-8-9
Fluminicola sp. 3 Diminutive pebblesnail G1 S1   2011-10-21
Fluminicola sp. 11 Nerite pebblesnail G1 S1   2011-10-21
Fluminicola sp. 14 Tall pebblesnail G1 S1   2011-10-10
Gomphus kurilis Pacific clubtail G4 S3S4   2010-8-9
Gomphus lynnae Columbia clubtail G2 S2   2010-7-22
Hesperarion mariae Tillamook westernslug G3 S3   2009-5-5
Hesperia colorado oregonia Oregon branded skipper G5T3T4 S2   2013-6-18
Juga sp. 1 Basalt juga G2 S1S2   2011-10-11
Megomphix lutarius Umatilla megomphix G1 SH   2009-11-4
Monadenia chaceana Chace sideband G2G3 S2S3   2011-11-8
Monadenia fidelis minor Oregon snail (Dalles sideband) G4G5T2 S1S2   2011-10-25
Philotiella leona Leona's little blue butterfly G1G2 S1   2009-11-16
Physella cooperi Olive physa G3 SU   2010-7-20
Physella virginea Sunset physa G4 S1S2   2010-7-21
Plebejus saepiolus littoralis Coastal greenish blue G5T1T3 S1   2010-8-3
Pristiloma articum crateris Crater Lake tightcoil G3G4T3 S2   2011-10-6
Pristiloma johnsoni Broadwhorl tightcoil G2G3 S3   2010-9-13
Pterostichus johnsoni Johnson's waterfall carabid beetle GNR S3   2010-8-9
Pterostichus rothi Roth's blind carabid beetle   S2?   2013-6-18
Scaphinotus mannii Mann's Mollusk-eating Ground Beetle G1G2 S1   2011-11-1
Speyeria coronis coronis Coronis fritillary G5T3T4 S2   2013-6-14

Photo of pickleweed saltmarsh at Fort Stevens State Park
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