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Select a species from the list below. Or, you can download a spreadsheet of the Rare Plant Guide here. (.xls file, 220 kb)
Threatened and Endangered Plant Species List for Oregon:

  1. Select a species from the pull-down list;
  2. click on the "Get Field Guide Information" button.

This guide provides information on the identification, habitat, and management of Oregon's plant species of special concern, along with references, illustrations and photographs.

Sixty-one plants are currently included in this guide, which covers plants that are considered threatened or endangered by the Oregon Department of Agriculture or the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

If you need help with any of the botanical terms used on these pages, please refer to the glossary.

For more rare plant information, the Oregon Flora Project has PDFs describing over 100 rare plants found in Oregon at their OFP Rare Plants Guide.


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