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Information on the status, identification, and ecology of Oregon's rare, threatened, and endangered animal species are found on these pages.

If you are new to the Heritage Program and its methodology, the following links provide background information on ORNHIC and the Heritage Network:

  • NatureServe, the membership organization for a global network of more than 70 Natural Heritage Programs and Conservation Data Centers.

  • NatureServe/Natural Heritage Network Ranking, the international system for ranking rare, threatened and endangered species.

  • BIOTICS, the database system we use to track rare animals in the state.

Oregon Threatened or Endangered Plant Field Guide
Provides detailed information on federally or state listed threatened and endangered species. Includes information on a species' status, description, habitat and range, along with references, technical illustrations and photographs.
(Field Guide last updated on 07/15/2008.)

For more information, the Oregon Flora Project has PDFs describing over 100 rare plants found in Oregon at their OFP Rare Plants Guide.

Rare, Threatened and Endangered Species of Oregon (PDF)
Summarizes in list format rare, threatened and endangered species, including those that are at-risk or potentially at-risk due to rarity, restricted distribution, habitat loss, and/or other factors in Oregon and is used to direct our data acquisition.

You can also download spreadsheets of the RTE data for 2007 and 2004 at our Data Download page.

Species and Distribution Searches
Search for status, distribution, and background information for federally or state listed threatened or endangered plants by drainage basin in the state.

Oregon Existing Vegetation Data
Statewide land cover and vegetation class layers for Oregon developed by ORNHIC.

Historic and Potential Vegetation Data
Historic vegetation cover developed by ORNHIC.

Exotic Plant List
A list of exotic plants found in Oregon with Invasiveness Rank and rank explanations. Used for analysis in Oregon's Comprehensive Wildlife Plan.

Exotic Species
Links to exotic species resources for Oregon.

Publications and Reports
Oregon Natural Heritage Information Center reports in PDF format. These reports provide addtional information on Threatened and Endagered Species and their habitats in Oregon.

Data Requests
Unable to find the information your are looking for or need specific species location information? Please submit a request in writing via e-mail, fax or regular mail.

Related Sites
Links to federal and state agencies, Oregon Universities, and other sites of conservation and ecological interest.


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