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Previously known as the Oregon Natural Heritage Information Center, the Oregon Biodiversity Information Center is located at Portland State University. It is a program of the Institute for Natural Resources - Portland, an affiliate of the multi-institution Institute for Natural Resources based at Oregon State University in Corvallis. INR - Portland is part of the School of the Environment at PSU.

** Website Redesign **

The ORBIC site will soon have a new home with the rest of the Institute for Natural Resources' programs on the Oregon State University website. Once the new site is live you will automatically be redirected to the new location. The majority of the content from this orbic.pdx.edu site will remain the same, but the look and feel should be cleaner and easier to search and navigate, and will be better integrated with INR's Oregon Explorer site.

If you have comments or concerns about this change or other website comments, please contact our webmaster at inrdata@pdx.edu.

** Natural Areas Plan Review **

A new draft version of the 2015 Oregon Natural Areas Plan is available for review. Comments must be returned by October 19th 2015. See our Natural Areas Plan page for more information.

** Rare, Threatened and Endangered Species 2016 Update **

We will be releasing a new version of our “Rare, Threatened and Endangered Species of Oregon” publication in 2016.

In preparation, a meeting to discuss recommended revisions to the plant and fungi sections will be held at 9:00 am Friday, October 16, 2015, at Peavy Lodge in the Peavy Arboretum north of Corvallis (lat 44.655783, long -123.231057). The meeting will end by 5pm.

Please note that no refreshments will be provided at the meeting, and there are no dining/coffee services on site. The closest coffee shop is 1 mile to the north on Hwy 99 in Adair Village, and the closest dining facilities are about 5 miles to the south in Corvallis.

Recommendations for changes can include but are not limited to: new additions, removals, changes in list placement, Heritage rank, or distribution. These will be discussed at the meeting on Oct 16th.

A summary of proposed changes as of 10/06/2015 can be downloaded here: Plant_recommendations_2015.xlsx. There is a tab for Vascular plants and one for Nonvascular plants, fungi, and lichens.

See our Heritage list and rank page for definitions of ranks and their meanings. Please send recommendations with justification and documentation prior to the meeting to Sue Vrilakas (sue.vrilakas@pdx.edu, 503-725-9950, mail: PSU, Mail Stop: INR, PO Box 751, Portland, OR 97207). Contact Sue if you have any questions


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