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The Oregon Biodiversity Information Center (ORBIC) is part of the Oregon University System's Institute for Natural Resources (INR). The INR was created by OSU and the Oregon Legislature in 2001 as independent institute in the Research Office. ORBIC and OSU's Valley Natural Resources Digital Library make up the Information Office of the institute. Lisa Gaines is Interim Director of the Institute for Natural Resources.

The Oregon Natural Heritage Program was created by the Natural Heritage Act of 1979. Oregon's Natural Areas Program and its Invertebrate Species Protection Program is managed by ORBIC in cooperation with the Oregon Department of State Lands (http://statelands.dsl.state.or.us/). The Department is located in Salem, and manages 2.3 million acres of land owned by the State of Oregon. The Department acts as the administrative arm of the State Land Board, which is comprised of the Governor, Secretary of State and Treasurer.

ORBIC's key function is to maintain, develop and distribute biodiversity information in Oregon. The center is working with partners to provide the most comprehensive information on plants, wildlife, fish, fungi, and vegetation throughout Oregon.

Photo of the Sycan River
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